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Brian Stenerson

Freerider, Mountain Biker, Adrenaline Junkie  Image
Hometown Denver, Colorado
Current Town South Lake Tahoe, California
Instagram @instasteney

Originally from Denver, CO, Brian grew up skiing before switching to snowboarding at age 10. His love for snowboarding brought him to Tahoe in 2011, where he found his passion for splitboarding and big mountain freeriding. He has been a competitive snowboarder for 10 years and competed on the Freeride World Tour in 2024. He dedicates most of his winter season to traveling around North America in his van for freeride competitions and splitboarding. His dog Rocker is always by his side, whether it’s sitting copilot on the way to the next competition, or deep in the mountains on another one of their countless splitboarding adventures. During the summer you can find Brian racing mountain bikes, completing off-season training, or on a crazy mission to get in some extra turns on his board, which he rides 12 months of the year.

What were the key motivations and influences that kept you dedicated to your training and helped you overcome challenges on your journey to competing in the Freeride World Tour?

My favorite feeling is seeing myself progress as a human. I work hard to become a stronger, more talented athlete and a better person in all the relationships that I cultivate. My drive and passion for personal progression were the biggest motivators for me competing on the Freeride World Tour. I have had to overcome many injuries that could easily have ended my career and my passion for snowboarding, but my sheer determination to constantly improve has driven me forward.

What makes living in a mountain town like South Lake Tahoe particularly special and meaningful for you?

Living in South Lake Tahoe is special because of the community I've found here along with the access to my outdoor hobbies. You have to put in the effort to find a way to live long term in a place like this, but if you’re motivated, you’ll find a way. The ones who make that effort are the like-minded people that make the community so great.

How do racing mountain bikes and off-season training contribute to your performance as a snowboarder?

Racing is great for keeping the mind tuned up. There is a lot of physical and mental crossover between the two sports, so racing in the off season greatly contributes to my performance as a snowboarder. When I'm racing on the mountain bike, I'm in a hyper-focused mindset, in that flow state very similar to snowboarding. Off-season training is paramount to performing well, staying healthy and minimizing injuries. Not only can you ride better when the body actually feels 100%, but that's when the real progression happens. Falling is, unfortunately, a part of progression, but if the body is strong you will minimize injuries and progression can happen quicker.