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Britt Mumma

Filmer, Photographer, Athlete  Image
Hometown Eagle River, Alaska
Current Town Boulder, Colorado
Instagram @brittmumma

Growing up in the mountains of Alaska, Britt developed a passion for adventure early on. After graduating from Boston College, she made the move to commercial film and photography. Ten years later, Britt is a National Geographic published photographer and cinematographer. Her photography has appeared in national and international publications and she has worked with global brands and television networks delivering high quality content across media platforms. Britt spends her off-time in the mountains running, skiing and climbing.

Which of Stio's values personally align to you?

One of Stio's values that resonates with me is their commitment to sustainability. As an athlete, I have seen firsthand the impact our actions have on the environment, and I believe that it's our responsibility to do everything we can to minimize our footprint.

How do you create balance in your daily life?

Finding balance in daily life requires effort and intentionality, but being outside in the outdoors can be an excellent way to recharge and prioritize your well-being. Balance is the only way my body and mind can both thrive. Depending on the season, the sports differ, but the commonality for me is always the mountains. If my body is happy and healthy, then my creativity and productivity go up exponentially.

What is a bucket list activity you have yet to do or a place that you have yet to go?

I dream BIG. Too many to list.

What is your go-to workout music?

I like to listen to the birds and trees around me. Nature has so much to say if you are willing to listen.

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures?

If someone wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures, my advice would be to start by building a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. This means taking the time to learn the fundamentals and safety protocols to feel confident in any situation you find yourself in. The mountains and outdoor environments are always changing, and there is always more to learn and explore.