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Giray Dadali

Freeskier  Image
Hometown Bristol, New York
Current Town Salt Lake City, Utah
Instagram @giraydadali

Giray Dadali has practiced nearly every aspect of freeskiing since the late 1990s, from skiing Slopestyle and Halfpipe in the 2005-2008 U.S. Freeskiing Open to the biggest rail contests of 2005-2013. For the last decade, his attention has been on backcountry/freeride, blending a history of tricks and taking to the natural terrain. For Giray, the practice of skiing is synonymous with design. It’s led him to engineering a series of ski lines for J Skis and creating his own backcountry ski touring system, Daymaker Touring. He lives to ski whether it’s a snowy day in the backcountry or a sunny day at the terrain park.

Which of Stio's values personally align to you?

I believe in the value that "Outside is for everyone." I didn't grow up in a family that traditionally recreated, although with a lot of farmland I did spend most of my time outside. As a Turkish American, the idea of skiing in your free time, or making it a career, is so far outside the norm and completely counterculture. The more people I see from different backgrounds or races enjoying the outdoors, the more I see a future for humanity to be peaceful and appreciate their time on earth.

How do you create balance in your daily life?

Simply put, I need to ski. Some people get energized by an outing with friends, some go to the gym, some shop, and some people ski. Exploring new zones or finding a rhythm in the park takes my mind off the other stresses of life and realigns me.

What is a bucket list activity you have yet to do or a place that you have yet to go?

Skiing an Alaskan spine!

What is your go-to workout music?

Mac Miller's album "Circles".

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures?

Live it. Don't just post it.