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Khai Johannes

Snowboarder, Rock Climber, Globe Trotter  Image
Hometown Denver, Colorado
Current Town Salt Lake City, Utah
Instagram @khai_zen_

Some assume the only reason Khai is so active is to burn off his high consumption of donuts. It's more likely the result of his desire to experience each day to its fullest. His peers and coworkers have dubbed him "the spreader of stoke," a title he earned through his ability to make any day feel like a powder day. Khai is a seasoned member of the airline industry, and can be found chasing powder everywhere from Japan to Chile, climbing rocks from Canada to Colorado and consuming calories anywhere the bread has a hole in the middle.

How do your energy and positivity add to the outdoor space?

Sometimes the sun doesn't come out and it becomes our responsibility to shine. I pack positivity along with my transceiver as much for myself as for others. If you sit on the chair with someone who is complaining about the crowds or lack of snow, you can start adopting some of that energy. The same is also true if the person next to you smiles and says how happy they are to be ripping groomers. In bringing positivity to the outdoors I provide moments for myself and others to experience the outdoors as it is and not as we wish it to be. That is the act of being present and that is the only time when we can be happy: the now. 

How do you combine your profession and love for the outdoors?

Before I began working in the airline industry, I'd read outdoor magazines and think, "maybe someday." Now I read those same magazines and think "maybe Tuesday." My career choice has turned my bucket list into a to-do list. I've had the privilege of chasing storm cycles through Japan, diving the tropical waters of Micronesia and cruxing out in Canada. It's amazing what terrain you can access when 737s are your main transportation.  

What is your favorite song, artist or playlist for climbing and/or snowboarding?

Your favorite wine might be a malbec, but if for dinner you're ordering tuna then you'd probably prefer a glass of sauternes. That is how music is for me—it's dictated by the energy of the moment. Fresh floating powder on relaxed terrain, I'll reach for a bottle of chilled music (Alina Beraz, Snoh Alegra or Koffee). If the steepness changes, the tempo does as well, and I pour myself a higher BPM (Odesza, Mura Masa or Big Wild). Should nature be serving up sunshine and groomers, then I'm not taking metaphorical sips of music, I'm knocking back shots of salsa, surf or reggae (Sublime with Rome, Dick Dale or Luis Figueroa).