Sending you warm greetings from our headquarters in the Tetons! As we enjoy the best parts of fall—golden aspens and crisp mornings on the trail—we’re also closely monitoring the current challenges in global supply chains and planning to adapt our practices accordingly.

As you might have seen on the news and in communications from other companies, across retail and other industries we’re seeing extensive shipping and logistics challenges. These have complex root causes that reach around the globe and include the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, staffing challenges and many others. 

These challenges are impacting Stio, our partners and couriers as well. You may have experienced some of these personally with shipping delays or items you want being out of stock. This makes it hard for us to live up to our own high expectations and offer you the sort of customer experience we strive for. 

Unfortunately, we don’t expect these challenges to be resolved easily or quickly, but we are doing our best to account for them and minimize the inconvenience to you. 

Some of our planning strategies include:

  • Using alternate freight options that don’t require moving through a port on the West Coast of the U.S.
  • Adding Notify When In Stock messaging options on products where we expect to receive new bulk stock deliveries
  • Processing orders through our fulfillment center in a timely fashion with Stio-dedicated staff
  • Making it easy to see the fulfillment status of your order with a new shipping status page

    So when you see an item you want is available, please don’t hesitate to purchase it, and rest assured we are working hard to fulfill your order in as timely a manner as we can. 

    While we’re offering as much visibility and support on Stio’s processes as we can, we’re not able to control or offer visibility into the status of orders with our courier partners. To get updates on specific orders, we recommend going directly through the carrier webpage using the tracking information sent in the shipping confirmation email.

    Managing complex obstacles like these makes us appreciate the commitment of our team and the simplicity of the mountains even more deeply.

    We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we work together to meet these problems, protect the well-being of our staff and provide the service and care that you deserve.