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Tim Cammisa

Fly Fisher, Trout Wrangler, Fly Tier  Image
Hometown Butler, Pennsylvania
Current Town Harmony, Pennsylvania
Instagram @troutandfeather

Tim has been fly fishing forever—chasing fish worldwide and promoting the sport on social media. His goal is simple: Help others tie better flies and catch more fish through presenting, headlining events, teaching and writing. His book Fly Tying for Everyone was published by Stackpole Books in 2022, and you can follow him on YouTube @TimCammisa.

Which of Stio's values personally align to you?

This is simple: Outside is for Everyone! Nature is a special place that deserves our presence and attention. But there's more to the outdoors than using it as a place to reset. No matter your background or beliefs, nature is a way to help us connect.

How do you create balance in your daily life?

Balance is key to my life, especially when it comes to family, work, and time on the water. Knowing there's not enough time in a day, I focus on the most important aspects, giving family priority over all. From there, Google Calendar is my best friend, helping me stay on-task and organized. When working I stay focused, knowing that the water will be waiting once complete. My daily mantra: Work hard, play hard.

What is a bucket list activity you have yet to do or a place that you have yet to go?

How long of a list do I get?? Let's start with Alaska, a frontier that I've yet to explore. With an upcoming trip there to fly fish for salmon, the preparations have begun. This includes exploring maps of rivers I'll be fishing, tying flies for the king salmon, and getting the right gear dialed in for this experience. Speaking of a cool experience, I'd love to be in an Alaskan lodge strumming a guitar, but that has eluded me...but learning how to play that guitar is an activity I'll do someday!

What is your go-to workout music?

On the water, I prefer the sounds of nature, but on the way to rivers, there's always a podcast playing in my F-150. Sure, most revolve around fly fishing, but I'm also an avid photographer and YouTuber, so I want to stay current with those topics. When it's time for some music, go-to Pandora stations include Caamp, The Rolling Stones, Judah and the Lion, and even some Sublime. Yes, you can throw a little 90's hip hop in there, too!

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures?

Go for it! Spend time talking to others who are living that life now and make sure that's what you want to sign up for. Some people have told me they wanted to be a Trout Bum, but when they spent time in those shoes, some realized they had romanticized the concept. Yet when the mountain calls, you have to answer…and a few friends now chase trout 24/7.