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Trevor Kennison

Professional Sit Skier  Image
Hometown Keene, New Hampshire
Current Town Winter Park, Colorado
Instagram @trevor_kennison

Paralyzed from the waist down after a snowboarding accident in the Colorado backcountry, Trevor first emerged on the scene in 2019 when he became the first sit skier to drop into Jackson Hole’s legendary Corbet’s Couloir. After making his debut on the world’s stage in Jackson, Trevor continues to trailblaze and break down barriers within the realm of adaptive sports. A professional sit skier who also loves surfing and mountain biking, when he’s not making waves within the ski community or training for his next big objective, he enjoys creating stories and public speaking to inspire individuals in their daily lives.

What motivated you to be the first sit skier to hit Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole?

I tried sit-skiing for the first time on a whim, and it changed my life forever. The first year of the competition in 2018, I just imagined myself doing it. I visualized it a million times! I was lucky enough to get invited in 2019, and I became the first sit skier to drop into Corbet’s. I was humbled when I earned the Rider’s Choice Award in the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s Competition. This started a whole new chapter for me.

Did you ever think it would be possible to have a film made about you—especially one popular enough to stream on Netflix?

No, I honestly didn't think it would be possible to have a film made for me and it to be featured on Netflix. I put everything I have into this movie—four years of hard work. It’s an honor to have millions of people have the chance to watch it. The film follows my journey towards post traumatic growth while drawing on the parallels between my life and Barry Corbet’s, the namesake of Corbet’s Couloir. Level 1 Productions did an amazing job weaving the stories together.

What motivates you to keep pushing the boundaries in this sport?

I want to keep pushing the sport because there is so much more stuff to do. I love challenging myself to do new tricks and learn about new terrain. It's wild to see what can happen when someone puts their mind to something. And just being outside is so good for the soul and mind.