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Deflect mud splatter on sloppy trails or rainy commutes with this hard-riding bike fender, a limited-edition collaboration between Stio and Skida.

When you keep running into each other on the same singletrack, you know you’ve found a true trail friend. United by our love of dirt and downhill, we couldn’t wait to take our collaboration with Skida from the ski hill to anywhere the trails are sunny, spicy and fun. This time, Skida’s ultimate mountain-biking accessory gets a few of our Teton-inspired prints that reflect our shared love of play and our mountain landscapes. The fender is designed to deflect most mud spatter from your wheels, keeping your bike cleaner and you drier.

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American made, hand forged, heavy duty polyethylene mountain bike fender.

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As caretakers of the mountain life, we recognize our responsibility to support organizations and people who share our vision to drive positive change for people and the planet. We’re proud to partner with some tremendous organizations in their missions to responsibly advance outdoor recreation and protect our wild surroundings.


We are committed to building garments that are durable, timeless and continue to perform season after season. Over 50% of our product line incorporates preferred materials, which include organic cotton, recycled materials and responsibly-sourced down. We are committed to growing our preferred materials usage to 75% by 2025 and to completely eliminating PFAS from our garments by 2025.

Stio Second Turn®

Our apparel is built to last. As a part of our efforts to reduce waste and keep more gear in the mountains where it belongs, our home-grown gear renewal program allows previously-used items to be traded in, cleaned, repaired and circulated back into use.

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  • Limited-edition collaboration
  • Front tire mountain bike fender
  • Tire Fire branded small batch of mountain bike mud flaps for muddy days
  • Mud flaps are tire fenders for the front wheel, deflecting mud from flinging off the tire
  • Does not protect against mud puddles
  • Recyclable in most places
  • Flexible enough to fit most bikes with zip ties or velcro straps
  • Made in the USA
How to Install
  • Curve the fender underneath the crown of your bike to get placement.
  • Loop two zip ties through the top two fender slots and place around the fork crown.
  • Then loop two ties through the outside slots of the fender and around your fork lowers.
  • Pull zip-ties tight and get pedaling!
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