The Ultimate Guide to Road Warrior Formal

By Amira Burns on

Think suits are for squares? Well, Stio's Rammel Blazer refuses to be boxed in, utilizing Velos stretch fabric to create what may be the industry's first technical blazer. Suitable for late evening appetizers or your cousin's wedding, the Rammel Blazer integrates outdoor technology like Ripstop and a DWR-coating for durability and water resistance, making it good to go, right out of the trunk of the Subaru. Remember, formal events can be a jungle, so it's best to prepare for everything.

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Wyoming-based Stio is close to its roots. As an outdoors brand, it designs technical apparel meant for its hometown of Jackson Hole. As a clothing company, its bold palettes and easygoing designs reflect the relaxed “mountain life” one would find there.

What Patagonia is to The North Face, Stio is to techwear as a whole. Rugged, outdoorsy, and built to take a beating, the brand’s eye-catching apparel is every bit as hardcore as the matte black GORE shells most think of when they think “tech.”

The perfect example: Stio’s Alpha Alpine Pullover Filled with Polartec’s Alpha insulation, what looks like a college kid’s snap fleece is actually a breathable mid-layer stuffed with material designed for US Special Forces. Take it to the office. Take it the Green Zone. Take it on public transportation without someone shooting you the side-eye.

If “chill techwear” becomes a thing, Stio gets all the credit.

Iconic Stio Piece: Pinion Down Pullover


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You don’t always want to wear long sleeves. Made from Conflux, a super-lightweight blend of nylon and polyester with a DWR finish, the Eddy is stretchy, dries fast, and has a UPF 50+ rating. It’s as performance-minded as your favorite tech tee but good-looking enough to wear about town. Check out those pearl snaps!
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