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Brittany Mumma & Halina Boyd // Coming Home

By Stio Mountain on
 Brittany Mumma & Halina Boyd // Coming Home

Stio ambassadors Brittany Mumma and Halina Boyd are no strangers to foreign couloirs, long travel days, and exploration far from home. As professional athletes, the winter season takes them to exotic and distant locations, and the days at home can seem few and far in between. But sometimes, adventure isn't only reached by long car rides and hours on a plane. Sometimes, the greatest inspiration is found right in our backyard.

As Britt and Halina explore the wild and rugged terrain of their backyard, they remember how empowering it is to work as a team, as women and as friends navigating the mountains they call home.

Brittany and Halina's Kit:

Director & Cinematographer: Dirk Collins
Editors: Danny Holland & Patrick McCarthy
Filming occurred within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, under a Special Use Authorization.

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