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Mountain Perspectives

Featuring Lee Cohen, Alex Kim, Keely Kelleher and Tram Jam

What makes mountain culture—or, more accurately, who? In our town, it’s the ones who inspire us. The individuals who live day-to-day for getting outside and drive our own passion to grab a friend and do the same. This series of short films honors a few of the individuals who champion the mountain culture we live for.

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We see our world through a different perspective, rooted in the inspiration our access and location provides. It’s one that brings into focus a more nuanced view of the landscapes and places we call home: the local spots, rolling terrain, twisted trails, and fall lines waiting to be discovered. Natural playgrounds that when looked at differently, spark our imagination for the endless interpretations and discoveries still to experience.

We are inspired by those pushing this perspective. Not only in how we recreate, but in the mindset that continues to drive our own passions. The freeriders, filmmakers and free thinkers; pro athletes, outdoor educators and passionate professionals. From Missoula to Alta, Jackson to Mount Hood—These are the people who champion the mountain culture we exist for.

This season, we’ll be riding alongside the characters moving their local communities forward, sharing their unique perspectives and drawing inspiration from their passions to fuel our own.

New episodes releasing throughout Winter 24'

See how people are living the mountain life everyday in our gear.
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