Stio Ambassadors

They're athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and writers. Moms, dads, colleagues and mentors. They've made the outdoors an integral part of their lives - one that provides balance, empowers them in their careers and informs their convictions.

Amy David
Skier, Guide, Outdoor Media
Britt Mumma
Producer, Skier, and Global Traveler
Tanner Flanagan
Professional Skier and Ski Guide
Shyanne Orvis
Fly-Fishing Guide and Athlete
Ann Driggers

Weekend Warrior and Master of the Micro-Adventure

Caroline Winslow
Environmental Advocate and All-Around Adventurer
Christy Mahon
Mountain Adventurer and Eco-Warrior
Dash Longe
Pro Skier & Slope Side Realtor Specialist
Andrew Pollard
Skier, River Guide, Artist
Rob Aseltine
Skier, Content Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur
Andrew Weibrecht
Marketer, Commentator, Ski Coach, Outdoor Guide
Keely Kelleher
Business Owner and Professional Skier
Jamie McGiver
Photographer, Entrepreneur, Snack & Dog Enthusiast
Nicole Jorgenson
Ski Patroller, EMT
Jacqueline Pollard
Skier, Rafter, and Animal Lover
Jeff Leger
Skier, Snow Reporter, Writer, Dyer, Painter